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    Gordon White, Is Magic Outdated Tech? |405|

    Just wanted to say this was a wonderful interview and fascinating insight from Gordon as usual. Love the level 3 discussions. Glad Alex Jones was brought up too. I think he’s great! The Andy Kaufman of our time.
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    Bryan & Anthony, Seventh Day Adventists… Kinda |404|

    Christianity will always keep evolving. Worth saving is a very interesting way to word the question. All good things get hijacked at some point for power and control. But aside from the materialistic money grabbing mega churches and the darkness of The Catholic Church that aren’t “worth” saving...
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    ---Introduce yourself---

    I’m NJ. I stumbled across Skeptiko a few years ago in the depths of drug addiction and alcoholism. Searching and searching for something “out there”. I’m 3 years clean and sober now. I live in Alabama. And I’m still searching but not “out there” anymore. Instead I search “in” these days. I find...
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    Bryan & Anthony, Seventh Day Adventists… Kinda |404|

    Been listening for about 4 years now. Skeptiko and Miguel’s Aeon Byte are must listens for me. Always look forward to a new show each week. Alex I agree with you on a lot of things, but with all due respect. You pose a loaded bomb question like “Is Christianity worth saving?” Not just to anyone...