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  • Shower Thought: Ancient Humans built structures that last 1000’s of years. On that basis Modern Humans are not advanced.
    I still check show notes every time an episode of Union of the Unwanted drops. They could really use a few doses of Skeptiko. I think they may have gone full-conspiratainment.
    Guest Request for Union of The Unwanted Podcast: Alex Tsakiris --
    UOTU could use a little fire under it's ass.. a flipping over of the tables if you will. Of late / at times it's been like the atmosphere of the office when all the bosses are out on a cruise with the client.
    I get triggered whenever someone uses the idiom “unpack” to describe explanation. This is because Sam Harris was the first person I heard use it and when he said it he wasn’t actually unpacking, he was reframing.
    Shower Thought: So long as men remain focused on how/how-far/how-long the pendulum will swing to their side, they will not remember that the opposing side is just another part of their team: Humanity. And the swing of the pendulum will remain the lifeblood psychopaths.
    Listening (when I should be sleeping) over and over to Scarlatti’s "Mi rivedi, o selva ombrosa" from Griselda, sung by Bruno De Sá
    Skeptiko Forum Appreciation Moment: While Forum Members sometimes may neither particularly like, nor entertain you, nor/or a given perspective of yours - you can be certain that close-to every single one is fully capable and of-interest. So if you be mad that nobody jumped into a hole with you, it's likely your own shovel that has work to do.
    Listening to new JRE Episode with Sam Tripoli. First JRE episode I've listened to in about 6 months. 27 minutes in and Sam's bringing up Antarctica and Joe is 100% playing dumb (of course Joes heard of admiral Bird).. This should be good. and So far so good on the discussion. Also, I've been listening to JRE since episode 100ish, so going 6 months without listening says a lot about where the show is at.
    If the universe were to expire and re-occur 10 to the billionth power times before life appeared again, it would be a blink of the eye. Especially in the perspective of being who exists outside of time.
    Shower Thought: At the time, when/upon finally discovering that the Earth is round, there must have been many top level scientists who had to experience, concede, and accept having been completely wrong about the entire universe. How many of us would be capable of that?
    Take a minute and put a finger to the wind. Today's vibe is vaguely similar to end of 2019 when protests were roaring all over the globe.
    Whenever an Episode of Union of the Unwanted drops, first thing I look for is Alex's name in the show notes.
    Enjoying Forum Borealis ep "Clif High - Beyond the Gates of Death..." from 4-22-2019.
    I found Al Borealis shortly after finding Alex/Skeptiko. Then recently found Clif High though forum member Starmonkey, and following Clif closely since. This episode encapsulates why. Clif has strong NDE and astral experience and seemingly a calling for dispensing wisdom.
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    I want to be the Morty to Clif High's Rick! Not really, but it sounded fuckin funny and appropriate
    I find the ethos of Black Lives Matter to be highly offensive on a humanistic scale. It runs against the fact that all lives are of equal value. I have a feeling the oligarch in control of BLM disagree with the latter statement.
    Shower Thought: Remember when they finally invented the hover board but it wasn’t a hover board? #itsnotavaccine
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