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  1. Bart V

    Evolution, an irreplicable lightning strike , or an unavoidable lightning bolt in a thunderstorm

    There are two ways of looking at the probability of a lightning strike. One is, to look at a specific bolt, and ask how big is the chance is, that this bolt "chose" the specific path it ran. "Infinitesimally small to impossible", is probably the right answer". My personal guess would be...
  2. Bart V

    goddless parents are doing a better job

    Godless Parents Are Doing a Better Job
  3. Bart V

    Disco tute green screen

    Douglas Axe's gives an interview in an impressive boardroom: Or not?
  4. Bart V


    Interesting story about history of science, If a consensus of science historians would conclude Darwin's work is based on plagiarism, i would accept that without a problem. But i really do not see what it has to do with modern interpretation of evolution. The theory of evolution has become the...
  5. Bart V

    Brain activity possible beyond flat EEG after all?

    Came across this study, i did not have time yet to look at it much beyond the abstract, but i trust it will generate some interest from the NDE crowd