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  1. DanBoothCohen

    Is the paradigm of death upside down?

    The commonly accepted reality is that at the time of death, the person dies and the body is left behind. Maybe it’s the opposite? Is it possible that the body is what disintegrates and the person remains intact? In our work doing Family Constellations - and from the evidence accumulated in NDE...
  2. DanBoothCohen

    Who are the most influential mainstream scientists who endorse transpersonal consciousness?

    A friend of mine is a popular best-selling author. He is researching consciousness and is looking for references to credible, mainstream scientists who embrace the research in psi phenomenon. That is, not a psi researcher, but a mainstream scientist who is a psi acceptor. Thanks for your help.
  3. DanBoothCohen

    The Inherited Mind (Short Video)

    I recorded this video a few years ago. It's been receiving more interest in recent weeks. I would be appreciative for any Skeptiko Forum members to view it and engage in discussion about its validity and significance. Clearly, I have lots to say about it. Anyone up for a conversation about how I...
  4. DanBoothCohen

    The Trouble with Brain Science ARE we ever going to figure out how the brain works? After decades of research, diseases like...