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    Graham Hancock, Carlson, & Shermer on JRE
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    Investigation Into The Invisible World

    I couldn't locate where anyone else had posted this, which surprised me a bit. Anyway, I enjoyed this:
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    After School Satanic Club Gets Approval In Portland
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    Curing Cancer: Update from Ralph Moss
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    Joyce Carol Oats

    Fiction, but from a good writer and it touches on topics covered recently: who we do and can love (like in the Ex Machina thread) and memory (or lack of it). The Man Without A Shadow:
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    Replication Problems

    By Sheldrake:
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    Fun Stuff
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    Potential Avatars

    No one specific in mind here, of course:
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    Do Life and Living Forms Present a Problem for Materialism
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    Taleb's Scientistic Sucker Problems This very long list makes for interesting reading. You have to click on "show more comments" several times to get the full thing. It's supposed to be a list of scientistic health stances that have been promoted by...
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    Witness to Roswell I recently finished this audio book and thought it was pretty compelling. I'd like to hear others' thoughts on it, for those familiar with the book, and others' thoughts on Roswell in general. I never really...
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    The Regular Show

    Anyone else watch The Regular Show? What about the grilled cheese deluxe episode? If not, explore here:
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    Interpretations of QM

    Something I've been curious about is the intentional distancing of psi and QM by, especially, proponents. I'm not savvy enough to understand why, exactly. Haven't significant, historical figures/scientists at least hinted that there might be a connection? Why does it seem to me that everyone...
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    Sandy Hook Conspiracy

    Sorry if this subject has been covered before, and it probably has . . . but I would like to hear opinions on the matter, somewhat in relation to the two items below:
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    Skeptical of Skeptics
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    Holy Books Website
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    Sheldrake interviewed by "The End of Science" author

    I enjoyed "The End of Science" quite a bit, so I was pleased to see this interview.
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    WTC 7 reinvestigation possibly on ballot
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    The Unbelievers

    If someone has already posted this, then sorry: I haven't seen it yet, though I'll likely try to suffer through it . . . it's on iTunes and got 44% on rotten tomatoes: Postive reviewer: "'Unbelievers' is a high-minded love fest between two deeply...