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  1. gabriel

    Famous Last Words

    Most people are familiar with Steve Jobs' final words, which suggested some kind of surprise and awe. I was looking at a summary of Dudley Moore's life, and it seems his last words as recorded by a long time friend who was holding his hand, were, "I can hear the music all around me." Eartha Kitt...
  2. gabriel

    Infamous Addresses

    I came across this 20 year old video recently. Could you live at a house of murders or serial killings? I'm not sure I could. Some people seem pragmatic about the history, others less so:
  3. gabriel

    Conspiracy Theories Can you spot a legitimate attempt to conspire from simple paranoia? It's an interesting question.
  4. gabriel

    Creativity and Genius

    I came across this recently. The author makes some interesting observations with implications for consciousness and creativity:
  5. gabriel

    Jung, Blake, Wasps and the Dreamscape

    Last night I had a dream. In the corner of a room like my bedroom, sat a watchful bird. I instantly recognised it, but couldn't place where I knew it from or its name, except that it was very familiar. It had a sharp, flesh-tearing beak, a mustard or turmeric colour with white highlights to...
  6. gabriel

    The Giver

    Interesting take on a current film by a popular Catholic apologist: I usually find Fr. Barron's search for Christian themes in pop fiction heavy handed, but this sounds like the kind of "utopia" a number of people on this forum would welcome.
  7. gabriel

    Phantom Pilot

    Fascinating account of pilot meeting a friend, only to discover he'd died. I've heard of a similar case where a man met an old chum in a pub and talked for some time about people they knew from the past. He too found the man had died recently. Case begins at 5:45.
  8. gabriel

    Is Religion Dead?

    Organised belief comes in for a good deal of opprobrium on this forum, and is often used to counterpoint aggressive skepticism, but I wonder how representative the stereotype of 'believer' is. Yesterday was Easter Sunday and I visited my local Catholic church, as I do every Sunday I'm at home...
  9. gabriel

    Materialism and Mechanisms

    It depends what you mean by a mechanism. The word itself implies sequence and consequence. In the case of poltergeist phenomena, while there are characteristics like disembodied voices, apports and thrown objects, there is no way of discovering any mechanism by which such events take place...
  10. gabriel

    Science and Medjugorje

    This addresses many of usual explanations for mystical visions and finds them wanting. The article is not as sensationalist as the link title suggests. Extract: "What is most fascinating...
  11. gabriel

    NDE file

    It might be a good idea to put some of the more interesting or unusual NDEs in one place so proponents can discuss their implications. I'd class this as spiritual intervention in acute trauma, not unlike the crashed pilot who believed he received assistance 'angelically'.
  12. gabriel

    Party Politics and Proponentry

    Since coming of age, I've always exercised my right to vote in the belief that democracy was hard won and worth supporting. A few decades on I find myself with no party that reflects my views. In the UK the Labour Party were the natural defender of working people from my background, but are the...
  13. gabriel

    Boneland by Alan Garner

    Garner wrote two children's fantasy novels, "The Weirdstone of Brisingamen" and "The Moon of Gomrath" over half a century ago, and has built a dedicated following in the intervening years, although his output in recent decades has veered towards adult literature. Weirdstone and Gomrath, like...
  14. gabriel

    Political Skeptics, what's their motivation?

    On a sliding scale of.... ....well intentioned....misguided....mischievous....ruthless....wicked.... ....where would proponents place the activity of persistent skeptics? Are they trying to save the world, or herald in a totalitarian Dark Age? Would former skeptics have indulged in or condoned...