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  1. atone

    consciousness, ghosts and things that go bump in the night

    I believe consciousness -surviving death- can cause most paranormal experiences with it being pure energy; then converted to some type of mass state via higgs-boson when we in an energy state think back or remember when, or maybe want to contact someone who is alive physically. This could be...
  2. atone

    Life after death ,consciousness, surviving death Jesus and all of that at Easter

    Since most on here believe our consciousness survives death NDE OBE etc ... and this in fact can be what causes a ghost to be seen as nothing more then a Hologram of you created by your thoughts after death IMO This would fit in with the resurrection of Jesus ...
  3. atone

    Gov admits it!!! testing of UFO wreckage, Roswell

    YUP!!!! Gov cover up !!!! now they admit it ; we all knew this. Johnny we are not alone!
  4. atone

    UFO, Alien Abduction expert John E Mack

    RIP!!!! love this guy! John E. Mack video - UFO, Alien Abduction expert - UFOs shatter Western world view ( A new biography on his life
  5. atone

    Mark Edward | True Confessions of a Fake Psychic

    Interesting , Mark Edward former pro psychic claims all psychics are fake. IMO about all are ,but I can't say %100 are. I guess he would know though.
  6. atone

    Dr Keith Ward

    IMO a brilliant philosopher, a great spiritual consciousness expert , and a priest of the Church of England. but non-believers don't let that throw you off; he's a giant anti-orthodoxy fundamentals in any religion. I put a few links down below for him. I don't know if he's' been on skeptico...
  7. atone

    Court rules: Bill Gates, George Soros Criminally Liable For “Creating” COVID-19

    Peruvian Court Rules That Bill Gates, George Soros Criminally Liable For “Creating” COVID-19 Pandemic
  8. atone

    Monkey With Brain Chip Plays Video Games With Its Mind

    Now you're talking Monkey With Brain Chip Plays Video Games With Its Mind |
  9. atone

    Life is Possible After Death According to Quantum Physics - Roger Penrose Consciousness- After Death

    Great easy to understand short video on the subject:
  10. atone

    The Magician and the Fool: Agostino Taumaturgo, Esoteric Catholicism

    Great listen about esoteric catholic magic and being a catholic magician: interview with .Agostino Taumaturgo, Esoteric Catholicism
  11. atone

    Steve Huff's Spirit box review ; the real deal or not?

    I been following this guy and some of his paranormal electronic devices for a few years. I'm not here to promote or slam this by the way ,only to see what other people think about it . Myself mixed. I give the guy this: great looks, electronic design, and sales man-ship . I see bad and good...
  12. atone

    God , the afterlife , holographic universe, and string theory

    Myself, I agree with the this article in its basics. I would even say you don't even have to believe in God for it to be true.
  13. atone

    Hello powers that be on Skeptico, think we could try and get this person on?

    Hello, as a mystical Catholic myself I think this guy would be great for an interview for a podcast IMO if he will do it; Brother Alda a Catholic spiritual magician ; this guy knows his stuff too ; check out the interviews. I attached his web site also; very smart man on the subject matter of...
  14. atone

    Biden Consciousness

    I see the insanity is already beginning at the border, not to mention the justice departments dealings with his sons activities already ; should be devastating for him and the USA. This Consciousness shall be of insanity !!! As the article below states, might just take months for Biden to...