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  1. Johnny

    What does it mean

    What does it mean to say the brain is clinically dead but then some people then say it isn't. What's going on?
  2. Johnny

    Judgement and Forgiveness

    Should society forgive even the most heinous of criminals if they sincerely repent their wrong, For example, should a serial killer who spent most his life torturing and abusing his victims, be forgiven if he in all honesty see's that his actions were wrong.? Plus, is our judgement suffice to...
  3. Johnny

    Before Enlightenment, After Enlightenment

    "Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water." ~ Zen Proverb I have my own opinions of what this quote means but was after everybody else's opinions, From my point of view it means that enlightenment changes very little, if anything at all...
  4. Johnny

    No Brainer
  5. Johnny

    Brain grown in lab
  6. Johnny

    I am not this body

    I am not this material body, My body is constantly changing from birth, like changing clothes, taking of one garment and wearing another, All the atoms that make up my body are constantly being renewed. and the body I had as a baby is no longer, it has been replaced with an entirely new body...
  7. Johnny

    Where are all the atheists

    This is the first site I have been to where it isn't overrun with atheists, Normally atheists are trying to shut down any topics regarding any hint of supernatural phenomena, Where are they?
  8. Johnny

    Absolutely anything relevant

    This thread is to ask absolutely anything relevant you might think you need to ask about the Skeptiko forum website. Are we able to change our signatures or are we stuck with it?
  9. Johnny

    Give Me Your Best Shot

    I have designed this thread for people to post videos that offer convincing arguments that support NDEs and OBE's. or are indeed against the assumption. Please make sure your link is ten minutes or under Make sure your video is worth watching by the strength you think it is able to convince the...
  10. Johnny

    Savant Syndrome, What's the best explanation?

    Leigh Erceg, 47, was a ranchworker in Colorado when she tumbled into a ravine, causing terrible spine and head wounds which left doctors in fear for her life. But as she recovered, she found she had become a gifted poet and artist, as well as a maths whizz, with no memory of her former life -...
  11. Johnny

    Quotes Regarding the Mind and Body

    Hello everybody, or should I say Everymind I have been a lover of quotes for many years now and have decided to make a thread that provides quotes that is specifically focused on the mind/body problem. I will kick start the thread with a few quotes and hopefully the Skeptiko community can all...
  12. Johnny

    Consciousness an emergent of the brain?

    Hello everybody Although being on this site a few weeks I am relatively new to all this consciousness science thingy, I have listen to the podcasts and read a number of transcripts, But I am still not fully equipped to understand the depth of what is going on, I have two questions, and a...
  13. Johnny

    This is weird

    As an adult I always had this vague memory of being able to float in my body when I was really young, obviously as a grown up I thought the idea just seems ridiculous, but nevertheless the memory was persistent, I never really bothered looking into it further until one day about a year ago I...
  14. Johnny

    Is there reincarnation?

    Chris Impey (Moderator): A postscript question on this from the panel: What is your personal view on rebirth? Bruce Greyson: What is my personal view of rebirth? Many of the cases that we have are unexplainable in terms of Western medicine, but they are also unexplainable in terms of the...
  15. Johnny

    Identify yourself

    Hello everybody, I am fairly new here, and think I have found a great place to express and share my views, I love the approach of the Skeptiko show and find it a refreshing alternative to mainstream ideologies who think the materialistic approach is water tight and without opposition, Anything...