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  1. Charlie Primero

    What is "Agrigoria" ?

    In Alex's recent interview with Al Borealis he referred to something called "Agrigoria" wherein a person's N.D.E. varies based upon their culture. I searched the forum and the Internet, but cannot find this word. I want to read more about it. Am I misspelling the word?
  2. Charlie Primero

    Request to Change Skeptiko Date Format

    The Skeptiko website is an awesome and valuable archive of learning and discussion. The archive is now large enough I believe people would benefit if pages included the YEAR the post was made. Example, what year was this?... This is super-easy to change. In your Wordpress Dashboard go to...
  3. Charlie Primero

    The Infantile Psychology of Conspiracy Deniers

    This essay provides a good explanation for the bizarre phenomena of Conspiracy Deniers. On The Psychology Of The Conspiracy Denier A closer look at the class that mocks. Tim Foyle, March 5th, 2021 Why is it...
  4. Charlie Primero

    I will approve Alex's application for Texas Citizenship

    Texas Problem: Mass Invasion by Californians Joe Rogan, Matthew McConaughey, Adam Curry, ...and now Elon Musk. If these shady characters are allowed in, Alex should also be allowed to immigrate. In recognition for his outstanding work in the field of Advanced Consciousness, I hereby pledge to...
  5. Charlie Primero

    Richard Dolan, Doom Dispenser

    Wow. Richard is getting black-pilled this week. This is a good thing because when men take the red pill, and then the black pill, they become more amenable to hoisting the black flag and taking actual Action for Change. Instead of blathering about silly Presidential debates or the latest in...
  6. Charlie Primero

    Dr. Rupert Sheldrake has a good email Newsletter

    Dr. Rubert Sheldrake does interesting work on esoteric Christianity. He publishes an email newsletter that is infrequent and good. Sign up here for free... Most recent edition:
  7. Charlie Primero

    Cult Documentary - Wild Wild Country (2018)

    Wild Wild Country (2018) “When the world’s most controversial guru builds a utopian city deep in the Oregon desert, conflict with the locals escalates into a national scandal. A true story.” This is a really good documentary. I recommend. IMDB 8.3 Available here...
  8. Charlie Primero

    John Taylor Gatto Passed Away This Week

    It is with great sadness that I report the passing of John Taylor Gatto last Thursday, October 25th 2018. Gatto was a rebel teacher who contributed greatly to my intellectual development. Great archive of John's work at:
  9. Charlie Primero

    Space Brothers Will Save Us - The New Religion

    I really like Grant Cameron. I disagree with his hypothesis, but I like him a lot. In this excellent lecture at the 2018 Portal to Ascension Conference Mr. Cameron presents evidence for his thesis that the ever-changing nature & fashion of the UFO contact experience indicates "they" are...
  10. Charlie Primero

    David Wilcock is Frightened

    After decades of promoting whichever flavor of Luciferian Mysticism was popular at the moment, David Wilcock is now frightened. I give Wilcock credit for being smart, and skilled at early trend identification. Today he detects the growing realization among the "Benevolent Space Brothers" crowd...
  11. Charlie Primero

    Happy Easter Mudbugs!

    My little ones were tearing through the mudbugs yesterday for Easter Dinner. :) #Easter #Mudbug #Feast #Cajun #Food #Holiday #Holyday #Crawfish #Fun #LaissezLesBonsTempsRouler To improve our consciousness connection with Jesus and Mother Nature Mary ...Pagan Ritual Egg Hunt! :) Today is...
  12. Charlie Primero

    When Gnostic Space-Brother Religions Go Sideways

    Jim Jones murdered 900 people in a single night. Excellent analysis by Jay Dyer and James Kelley. YouTube: MP3:
  13. Charlie Primero

    The #QAnon Conciousness Phenomena

    I’m surprised and very disappointed you Conspiracy Gurus neglected to inform us Skepticordians about this #QAnon thing. The vast majority of us don’t Chan, Discord, or watch 4-hour YouTube rant videos. You never gave us three neatly written paragraphs explaining it, or a dedicated thread. Meme...
  14. Charlie Primero

    An Atheist and a Jew beg the U.S. to stop helping the Genocide of Christians

    Good interview with Moly and Ezra. Proof all Canadians are not the intolerant extremists we thought they were. :) --- MP3 for driving/exercising:
  15. Charlie Primero

    Having children decreases a woman's value by 83%

    Having children equals an 83% decrease in the price of a woman. Good to know for price negotiations.
  16. Charlie Primero

    Surgeon says his upcoming Head Transplant will kill Religion

    I’m calling B.S. on head transplants. If this surgeon succeeded on a monkey, there would be video.
  17. Charlie Primero

    Decent Ghost Movie - We Go On

    I watched this pretty decent ghost movie last night. These are few and far between. IMDB rating 6.7 Reminded me of Skeptiko. :) "Miles Grissom is offering reward money to the first person who can show him a ghost, an angel, a demon - anything to prove...
  18. Charlie Primero

    BBC Uncovers a Shocking Amount of Fake Science Science Fraud angers me because it both decreases public trust of Science, and results in bad political decisions that harm all of us.
  19. Charlie Primero

    Alex Jones' Apology for #PizzaGate Comments

    Alex Jones did not admit or say the #PizzaGate scandal was false or untrue. In a carefully worded legal statement he apologized for "making comments that were based on insufficient evidence". Anyone who thinks there are no burning embers under the #PizzaGate smoke has not actually looked at...
  20. Charlie Primero

    The entire CIA arsenal of hacking weapons is now loose in the wild.

    The entire CIA arsenal of hacking weapons is now loose in the wild. Pretty much all phones, some televisions with microphones, and all operating systems are compromised.