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  1. brooke

    'It Was Like a Cult': Leaving the World of Online Conspiracy Theories
  2. brooke

    CD Sub-Forum

    I remember when the Skeptiko forum used to promote critical discussions among proponents and skeptics! Those were really exciting times. Now with all the skeptics chased off, this forum is dead as a door nail!
  3. brooke

    Was FLS permanently banned?

    The question was asked in the latest thread to be closed by the admins, but no admin has answered the question, as far as I can tell. Just curious if she received a permanent ban from the forum or simply a suspension. Thanks
  4. brooke

    Christof Koch - What It Will Take for Computers to Be Conscious
  5. brooke

    For the true disbelievers, nothing would ever be enough.

    I hear this hyperbolic claim made over and over again. Who are these "true disbelievers" anyway? Hopefully not a collection of straw men propped up for the sake of target practice. Is Shermer a true disbeliever? Dawkins? Dennett? French? Wiseman? The banned of seven? If so, how do you know that...
  6. brooke

    Robots That Learn Through Repetition, Not Programming "Izhikevich’s startup, Brain Corporation, based in San Diego, has developed an operating system for robots called BrainOS to make that possible. To teach a robot running the software to pick up...
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    Neurons in human skin perform advanced calculations... "Neurons in human skin perform advanced calculations, previously believed that only the brain could perform. This is according to a study from Umeå University in...
  8. brooke

    How Certain Are You That Psi Exists?

    I know we did one of these on the old forum, but people change, feelings change, opinions change. The discussion about agnosticism and certainty got me curious about how the forum would respond to this poll, so there you go. I hope a lot of people will participate and I'm very curious to see how...
  9. brooke

    DECISION AUGMENTATION THEORY What do people think of this?