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  1. Alan Amsberg

    Bemusement Park

    I have just bought tickets here in the UK to "Dismaland" which is a "bemusement park" set up by a famous graffiti artist. It is actually a big deal and has been all over the press. The tickets for next week sold out in 5 minutes. You can learn about it at: Check out...
  2. Alan Amsberg

    Amazing Randi Telegraph (UK Newspaper) Article

    I saw this and thought I would post it for general interest. I'm not, however, expressing any opinion on it.
  3. Alan Amsberg

    Mike's Bikes

    An anecdote for your entertainment. I recently was on holiday in St Davids in Wales. While in St Davids, the gear cable on my bike broke. I popped into a local shop and asked if there was a bike shop in town (city officially as it has a Cathedral - St Davids is the smallest city in Britain)...
  4. Alan Amsberg

    Suggestions for Alex's Book

    I'm not sure where to start this thread but thought perhaps here was as good as place as any. My goal is to send Alex a suggestion about his book and perhaps start a thread where others can do the same. My suggestion: To my mind, one terribly important piece of data is the missing data which...