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  1. KindaGamey

    Alex should talk to this Freke

    I agree that time is the endgame pulling us towards it. That way we will experience its arrival with surprise, awe, joy, and relief. It's the only story worth writing.
  2. KindaGamey

    Maybe it's time to have Jeffrey Mishlove back on Skeptiko?

    He's starting a series called "Becoming your best self" where he's going to drop his own knowledge instead of showcasing other people's. I'm very interested in what's going to go down here (and I must admit I haven't been watching as much of his channel as I used to -- so many things pulling my...
  3. KindaGamey

    (Synchromysticism) Shall we play a game?

    I used to make these vids with the synchromystic forum (now defunct). The rules are: someone posts an image, the next person finds an image (or gif) that relates in some way. The next thing might visually sync (same color scheme), it might thematically sync, it might be a pun, it might be...
  4. KindaGamey

    Jessica Schab former 'crystal child' embraces the new atheists

    So back in 2008 Project Camelot interviewed a "crystal child" named Jessica Schab, the whole love and light narrative: I enjoyed her energy so I started following her youtube channel. Now, years later, she has popped up again and now she's embraced a very sad and dangerous group of skeptics...
  5. KindaGamey

    The Big Bang Never Happened

    You may have seen this before? I post it every chance I get. It's a fantastic summary of one issue in science where errors were compounded and they held on to a dogma that had entrenched itself rather than growing beyond their preconception. In part two you hear direct testimony of people who...
  6. KindaGamey

    Will the veil be dropped in our lifetimes?

    Think disclosure, but not just UFOs: that material realism is completely cashed, that we reincarnate, that we exist outside of this life, that death is just a return to that modality and our individuality is preserved in some fashion, that telepathy, precognition, OBEs, NDEs, are all viable...
  7. KindaGamey

    Snowflakes aren't special, you have no meaning, and that's good

    Ugh, I was longing for a skeptiko and didn't have one so I delved into other podcasts. This made me so aggravated I had to turn it off. Of course Joe didn't question any of this scientific mumbo-jumbo as nefarious as any new age spiel... try and find the part where he tells us how wonderful it...