5D Political Compass (and other political tests)

Just found a political attitudes / positions test that much more precise, complex and insightful than the infamous "(2-Dimensional) Political Compass" - 5-Dimensional Political Compass:


I tested it on myself, and with some wonderful results. Here is the descriptions of my views by the test:

You are a: Socialist Anarchist Isolationist Bleeding-Heart Libertine
Collectivism score: 67%
Authoritarianism score: -100%
Internationalism score: -67%
Tribalism score: -100%
Liberalism score: 100%
I found that such characterisation fits my views quite neatly. Especially the "bleeding-heart libertine" - indeed I am! :D

Would you like to take the test as well? I'm interested what kind of results you will have... and whether you will perceive them as correct!

And - do you know other similar tests beyond "(2-Dimensional) Political Compass". If yes, we can try and discuss them as well.