Buddhism & Quantum Physicists



Bohm’s Implicate Order, Wheeler’s Participatory Universe, Stapp’s Mindful Universe, Zurek’s Quantum Darwinism and the Buddhist Mind-Only Ground Consciousness

The fundamental Buddhist definition of consciousness is ‘clarity that cognizes.’ This primordial nature is an essentially unified field of clarity, or emptiness, which is not the same as nothingness but, rather can be conceived of as a field of potential experience, which has the core function of perception or cognition. Because of this fundamental nature there is an inner tension at the heart of reality.

The fundamental nature of awareness-consciousness is undivided (jnana) but its function is cognition, and cognition is a process which involves duality. This is why nondual awareness-wisdom (jnana) spontaneously divides itself into dualistic appearances in the illusory divided realm of dualistic consciousness (vijnana).

The prefix ‘vi’ indicates a cut or division; cognition cannot take place without a rift, a division, in the basic nature of the fundamental awareness (jnana). Within this paradoxical nature of the self-perceiving ground of reality lies the solution to the riddle of existence.

And within the mechanism of ‘quantum karma’ lies the understanding of the process of experiential dualistic seeming reality which really is just a cycle of endless perception, giving rise to manifestation, driven by the universe’s ‘craving’ to perceive its own nature.
The Mind-Only mechanism which accounts for this remarkable achievement, the transformation of mind into the appearance of matter, as opposed to the impossible materialist alchemical dream of vivifying mindless matter into mind, can be called karmic resonance. All actions and perceptions leave potencies within a deep level of collective mind called the alayavijnana, or ground-consciousness, a level of the process of reality which can be shown to correspond to the realm of quantum emptiness (which does not mean ‘nothingness’) or potentiality. When these potencies are activated through being combined with potencies within the mind-streams of vast numbers of other sentient beings an intersubjective creation of a shared material environment comes into being. This description of the process of reality, including the production of the intersubjective illusion of the material world, involves the mechanism of karmic cause and effect or quantum resonance, the carrying forward and subsequent intersubjective activation of potencies within a deep collective mind-stream. When the subjective potencies resonate together in a reinforcing manner due their overall similarity the collective experiential solidity of the apparently independent material world emerges. From this perspective the ’objective’ world of apparent material reality is an intersubjective creation on the part of all sentient beings who have ever existed and exist within the universe.
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