Chi and psi wheels

This video shows a healer who uses chi. Scientists investigate him and are surprised when he shocks them with chi.

But what was most interesting to me is that when I was experimenting with a psi wheel I would feel shocks (I called them "snaps") and although I believed the force moving the wheel was related to the force I used in spiritual healing, I hadn't really heard of snaps or shocks in connection with healing. So the video is very interesting to me because it ties together some of my own obervations and experiences.

This post on my blog has links to several posts on the subject some include videos (the videos are not presented as proof, they provided to illustrate what I wrote about).
"When turning a home made psi-wheel for several minutes by placing my hand near it, I often feel a snapping sensation in my hand and sometimes I can feel the vane on the wheel as it passes my hand even though it does not touch my hand. Others have also reported the snapping sensation. This is evidence there is an unknown phenomenon occurring that has nothing to do with heat convection."​

The videos show the wheel turning inside a jar and also that a jar can be "magnetized" with the force and then used to turn a wheel. There are also instruction on how to make a psi wheel from aluminum foil, a pencil eraser and a sewing needle.

If anyone is interested here is a search that returns all the articles on one page, you can scroll down to find the videos more easily: wheel
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