How easily you can be fooled by lack of imagination



"How easily you can be fooled by lack of imagination.

"If you have a bad imagination and somebody says looks at all these facts—there's only one thing that this could lead to!

"And the only thing you can imagine is the one thing that's been mentioned ..."

What Adams shows is how a lack of imagination opens the door for others to control the narrative. They need only suggest a believable story.
This works especially well if they are trying to convince a person of something that supports or is somehow consistent with preexisting and strongly held beliefs because in that situation people will be less likely to look for alternatives.
That is very true, and then of course those with a better imagination who come up with objections can be dismissed as being fanciful. I think clever rhetoric plays an increasing (but illegitimate) part in science.

I wonder if the claim that ‘natural physical processes couldn’t possibly allow us to consciously interact with our evironment’ demonstrates a lack of imagination?