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Hello everyone!

I was an agnostic, I had a tantric experience happen spontaneously to me, then I went on a path of trying to figure out what the hell was going on. I meditated every day for 3 months and had a spiritual revelation that was I underneath reality, making all of reality happen and this little patch of Matthew was the experience I was having right now.

Now I specialise in trying to make the simplest most concise arguments for a mind behind reality. I have a YouTube channel: Consciousness Matters and I would love as much help as anyone has time to give in solving the problem of communicating 'The Knowledge' around the idea of a mind based view of reality.

I think it's incredibly important that we understand how we change the world as conscious creatures and if our science still doesn't think or isn't sure that we do change the world, then I think that's bordering on crazy. I think we all have important work ahead of us.

I have spent a long time trying to listen and understand atheist arguments and anyone who opposes my ideas in an effort to take them as seriously as possible. I want to help human consciousness integrate it's understanding of self.

I want to build the strongest and most easily understood rational case for a mind behind reality.

I hope you're all well!

Consciousness Matters
Have you looked at Bernardo Kastrup?

I'm a member of the Bernardo Kastrup book club and we had him on :D Bernardo Kastrup, Book Club Idealism Q&A

He's good, but I'm not sure you can give my materialist friend a book by Bernardo and it change their mind.

Personally I think we need an admission from materialists that when I say "it feels like something to be me", that this utterance cannot possibly have a material cause, because then we wouldn't need minds as an explanation. I want to irrefutably sink materialism. I want my stubborn friend to concede ;)

My friend isn't just a metaphor, I actually have a very stubborn but very lovely materialist friend.