Miniature Brains Being Grown


Thought this was an interesting article (a little clickbait-y though). The article's author seems to think growing a brain will tell us how consciousness occurs. While they are far off from consciousness right now, the scientist, Sakaguchi, mentions how they are worried about future developments making the brains conscious.

Thought it was funny that Sakaguchi believes motor output and motor input are both necessary simultaneously for it when really thats grossly invalidated by NDEs. Never understood why most scientists, especially neuroscientists, deny the nature of NDEs as it seems very obvious that once you accept consciousness happens without a functioning brain in any capacity there are giant ethical issues with studies/efforts like these.

Ethically, it seems like they will run into some walls with the project. Would love to hear others thoughts on this.
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Scientists growing miniature brains in a lab have created neural networks that act like those in the human brain. They hope the discovery will enable cheaper and easier research into brain diseases and drug development.
This probably sums up the real reason for this research.

I gave up on NS some time ago, because its reporters rarely seem to think much about the claims of the people they interview. For example,

How would the researchers know if their cerebral organoid (a lovely piece of terminology!) had become conscious? Unless they had a quite specific test for consciousness - and reason to believe that test would be valid for cerebral organoids - how would this help to explore consciousness? I suspect they would just label some electrical activity of their CO as being rather like awake brain waves, and call it conscious.

I seem to remember that people have grown networks like this in two dimensions on Petri dishes and observed electrical couplings, but what did they learn from these? Without a tentative theory of consciousness to test - one that might suggest that the third dimension was important - what can any of these experiments tell us?

I suppose the research will proceed something useful to people who insist on slavishly following a proposition that could be dealt with by a bit of decent research - if understanding consciousness is a real goal - by failing to deliver what they imagine they will find.

I think there is no doubt at all that the brain is involved in creating a conscious map of the material world. We, as essentially non physical beings, could not function in the material world without generating a kind of temporary physical consciousness. Our bodies need a consciousness of the world they inhabit.

It is taught that the soul connects with the body via the brain and the heart, and both combined create the form of consciousness we normally think of as us. That dominates our understanding of who we are while we are incarnate on this planet and unless we have 'spiritual' experiences that clearly show us the other side of who we are.

So exploring consciousness in the brain is better done guided by the larger picture. Otherwise its like trying to figure a human from a toenail clipping - its very hard and completely unnecessary.