Music Consciousness

Grant Cameron has a book out on the music/ufo connection. And he is a huge proponent of/attempts to understand the phenomena through conscious penenomena. There may be something to his ideas here. I’ve always felt music to be highly spiritual, as is the UFO phenomena, and these things are all connected via emerging ideas of consciousness and anomalous phenomena.

I know, there are a lot of people playing this on youtube but I think this trio is very good. Sometimes I appreciate the talent of the musicians more than the actual composition.

More here:

Huge playlist here:

Sometimes I start a music video and can't wait for it to end, and other times the music just captures my attention and I just want to keep listening on and on. Michael Alf has the latter effect on me.
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Two parts of an excellent rendition of Tchaikowsky's serenade for strings (which I've always loved) from "A Far Cry", performed without either a score or a conductor. I especially like the first, but the second, in waltz time, is also very good: