My book on the US Govt Remote Viewing program

... is now available on Amazon.

I looked at the declassified session notes from the remote viewing program where they are given the task of retreiving information from the Iranian Hostage Crisis.

And then I compared those notes to the real events: interviews from the hostages themselves, newspaper articles, books and reports.

For those who aren’t going to read the book, my overall conclusions are: I think that, after reading and researching a lot into this, the military remote viewers were quite genuine in their belief that they were doing something useful, but most of the time, they were just plain wrong.

Most of the claims about their accuracy have been exaggerated or fictionalised over time.

On the Iranian Hostage Crisis itself, they never "saw" any of the main events, such as the mock executions or the escape attempts. They often seemed to "see" things based on recent news reports of the past days or weeks. But as I said, I don't think that this was deliberate deceit, just a consequence of them being aware of speculation in the media.
Congratulations Ersby! Will be ordering a copy today...

I blame the hostages takers myself. If they had taken all the hostages to one of 4 prearranged sites (say, a house, a river, a mountain, and a ...err... circle) the remote viewers may have had a slightly better than chance opportunity of locating them.
Not that it affects the conclusion, but I wouldn't imagine them to declassify results if they were highly positive. It wouldn't be very intelligent to come out and say, "we can take these regular people and they can equal the job of a million dollar satellite."

Sort of like how COINTELPRO wasn't declassified until there was zero chance of anyone responsible receiving personal retribution for it.
Well, I would say that most documents remain classified if they pose a threat to people still alive. For example, in the Star Gate archive there are no notes of sessions aimed at North Korea or China. Not because they were so accurate (of course, that's possible, but it would be quite a drastic change in form) but because if the US government did release them, they'd be saying that they had other intelligence from within NK/China to compare it with. That would put people at risk, so they remain secret.