Mystics are often babbling maniacs

This is definitely a subject uniquely suited to skeptiko as the ethos is to rely on rigorous empirical evidence to discover the nature of the cosmos and consciousness. Most mystics are seemingly incapable of being so skeptical.
Note: I don't write this to insult anyone. The label "mystic" could be applied to me and I have been a babbling maniac in the past.

If these people were completely irrelevant, there would be no need for this thread as we can just disregard them, but consciousness is strange and they have a genuine connection to that strangeness. We just need to learn how to communicate with them and they need to learn how to ground themselves in order to refine and better express their innate wisdom.

You can recognise a babbling maniac (AKA, a bliss ninny) in real life or on a forum by their lack of ability to communicate - a lack of awareness of a person on the other end who requires context in order to understand what's being said. This might come across as rude, arrogant, narcissistic, or autistic, but it generally isn't. The inability to hold a consistent exchange comes from an intense desire to share the fruits of direct experience. Purely a logistics problem where too much attention is being given to output and very little to input. Ever hear the saying "You have two ears and one mouth, use them in that proportion"?

Late last year I met a young woman whom I only knew through a mutual friend. She told me that the angels had communicated to her that we are Soulmates - as in, two fragments/divisions of the one "soul family". The declaration came to me after a week of High Strangeness, so I was inclined to give her some of my time. During my times with her I experienced a kind of "spiritual activation" and a positive shift out of a two-year rut, a string of synchronicity, and other mystical experiences. Are we Soulmates? I have no reason to believe the universe works that way, and even if it does, it's unlikely still. What I do know for a fact is the benefit we derived from this relationship goes way beyond the benefit "regular relationships" generally yield. I've heard of and personally witnessed a lot of these relationships which seemed to "supercharge" everyone involved. Whatever this is, it's a reality, but I don't feel compelled to put names to it (Soulmate, Twin Flame, etc) because it doesn't enhance the experience and I can neither prove the metaphysics - yet my "Soulmate" is absolutely convinced. She's also convinced of just about every New Age concept floating around out there. She's a bliss ninny. (If you ever find this and read it, I'm sorry, but it's true)

One of the many things I respect in the Catholic mystical tradition is the warning against "mystical intoxication." As powerful and insightful as people like my Soulmate are, they're in desperate need of this wisdom in order for them to live happy and productive lives, as well as be able to communicate their gifts to the rest of us. They need to not get carried away with their own impressions.

I believe the problem is semantic. Labeling. If we all are aware of object/event/phenomena X, then we can agree that X is a real thing and it's present in the environment. If X is invisible and has no spacial mass we're still stuck with having to describe it somehow, especially if it effects our lives. If we have a pre-determined belief system we'd be inclined to impose an interpretation without actual evidence. Worse yet, we may define the phenomena based on our feelings, needs, or vulnerabilities. Like when you're tripping on LSD or mushrooms, and someone in the room transforms into the devil. Is that person Satan? No. You're just subtly picking up on their evil intentions towards you or others. I could use some more precise examples, but they're of a personal nature, so I hope I've made my point.

When we meet a bliss ninny, we owe it to them to ask questions and trigger awareness.
If we're inclined towards mystical experiences, we should ground ourselves daily. Eat well, go on walks, touch the ground with your bare feet, practice contemplative prayer. Remember that the wider reality is very subjective in terms of how we interpret it. Remember that this wider reality is incomprehensible to you as a human being. Humble yourself to new ideas and experiences.