UPDATE: Wikipedia, We Have a Problem, Skeptics on Wikipedia stuff

Hi everyone,

I want to thank Alex and everyone here for their early support of Wikipedia We Have a Problem, which was investigating the Rupert Sheldrake wiki wars, and directly confronted skeptic activist wikipedia editors.

as some may know, it turned into a three year plus long harassment campaign, which I've been detailing while continuing my investigations.

Lots has happened. One of the more important things is that I've finally enjoyed writing about it all. WWHP has been getting lots more attention and traffic, and has really helped expose a few individuals.

Within the past six months, shenanigans within this community that were initiated even extended into blackmail, pretty over the top stuff.

Needless to say, it's been a wild ride, and a great story too.

So just wanted to keep everyone here who was following updated.

How to catch a skeptic

Oliver Smith's Dark Entanglement.

S is for Sock puppet.


Thanks RViharo. I had always assumed that such things as wiki were reasonably objective until I started looking at Skeptiko and it was a shock to me that evangeical skeptics were taking things so far. Keep up the good work your end! :)
It's not just the games played by people with philosophical agendas that screw with Wiki. I've known grad students who edit Wiki pages that are often plagiarized by students for term papers. They place misspelled words or outright inaccuracies so that it's easy to spot any papers that have used Wiki as a source (something students are told not to do). It makes grading faster when you have a couple of hundred papers to mark.