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Shower Thought: Ancient Humans built structures that last 1000’s of years. On that basis Modern Humans are not advanced.
I still check show notes every time an episode of Union of the Unwanted drops. They could really use a few doses of Skeptiko. I think they may have gone full-conspiratainment.
Guest Request for Union of The Unwanted Podcast: Alex Tsakiris --
UOTU could use a little fire under it's ass.. a flipping over of the tables if you will. Of late / at times it's been like the atmosphere of the office when all the bosses are out on a cruise with the client.
Hurm, did you see this thread started by me?


There were neither replies nor likes from you, so I thought - maybe you just missed it? And there were some things you would have liked there for sure, such as the connection between enjoyment and endurance... examined on the practical examples taken from the nature of the the European Russia.
I did not see that. Will check it out later today or tomorrow. Family time right now… cheers!
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