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Currently listening todays to new ep499 w Ralph Bluementhal and just checked my phone, noticed new episode of Union of the Unwanted with ALEX listed as a guest!! Two-for Tuesday!!!
Judging by the feed, I assume everyone else is also busy listening to Theories Of Everything ep58 w Bernardo Kastrup and John Vervaeke. Wonder if someone’s gonna post it here for comment.. Not It!!
I've given you a few days off from the forum. pls avoid negative personal stuff.
Hey Alex advice not taken, if some attacks me on your website , in a disrespectful manner , I will return volley with some ! You don't like it ,remove my account! Many more web sites with your subjects. Plus, I interact some with people like Dr Dean , so .....

Stoked about the forums and meeting fellow inquirers. Stoked that Alex participates. Just ordered a copy of "Why Evil Matters".